The northern king in purple dressed
stares into every heart and soul
the warrior who has conquered all
his bride in black velvet like the sky
cold bright stars in her dove-blue eye
lace of white snow around pale neck.

Red like blood is the setting sun
their wedding feast has just begun.
Join us today in life or death they say
while gentle hearts are heard to pray.

Silence! The warrior king shouts loud.
All problems can love and peace not solve,
the conflicts of the world shall evolve.
For war between our tribes there is a season
and reason we should, while some of us
will do their best to destroy the rest.

Bleeding hearts tolerating all may soon
lead us astray before a bad full moon
will rise in our midst with a greater threat
than we have hitherto dreamt or met.

To war we will ride with courageous hearts
in this evil scheme we shall play our parts
our troops will return defeated or victorious
for cowards there have never been amongst us.

We bid you farewell our beloved ones
If you must pray then pray for us,
that we may return to our father's land,
that this world will know our righteous hand
never theirs who were born under a bad moon
who by own hand choose to die too soon
who wish to leave for a private paradise
of earthly joys promised them by their wise.