Listen to the ship moaning
unfortunate wreck in pain
her masts breaking
her sails ripping
howling suffering creature
going down into the abyss

no mercy was given

the bottom of the sea
always was her destiny
never had a chance at all
too late to save her
irresponsible commander
reckless drunkards
their fights never ending

madness all around

the ship was drifting in storms
never had a chance at all
in those troubled waters
her fate was easy to foresee
but it was sad to realise
it was the end of her life

the end of an era

sooner or later it had to come
for she was doomed
from the very beginning
to be betrayed by men
to be devoured by the sea
crushed by the merciless beast

mourned by no man

but the wizard nods his head
while his great shining gull
is spreading wings so wide
under northern unforgiving skies
and stars cold and icy blue

over a whirling maelstrom

he flies off to distant shores
to bring his master the good tidings
yes the deed is done
fulfilled is his task
there is nothing left to say

there is nothing left to do.