How strange it was to me
the coast of my father´s land
approaching from the sea
I came with an empty hand
my heart was full of regrets
were all those years forgotten
and gone by without a trace
or would I always have to bear
my shame and my disgrace
my reasons for deserting you
you would not understand
though the love I ever felt for you
I then wanted to embrace

I came back home that day
to beg of you
to forgive me and forget

How strange it is to see
the coast of my new-found land
approaching from the skies
I come with an empty hand
are all those years forgotten
since now they are in the past
I won't think about tomorrow
I've come home to you at last
I offer you my heart and soul
for love is what I feel for you
and to reach you is my goal
to you my land my heart was true
now I wish you would consent

I come back home this day
to beg of you
to forgive me and forget

will you be mine for evermore
and forgive me and forget