Summer's Delight

I do not care for black ravens
fierce is their gaze like fire
white frost queens with blind eyes
cold is their heart and desire.

Come time of summer so sweet
clowns with the circus in town
come time for children to play
hide-and-seek and merry-go-round.

Shy roses blush with delight
painted in gold the wild meadow
butterflies, bees, gentle breeze
wish you could stay here forever.

Scattered to winds is my worry
foaming rivers can carry my load
young tomorrows will not ever
become my old yesterdays now.

Proud roses in well tended gardens
modest blossoms in fields overcome
their difference obvious in my mind
in my heart is their beauty like one.

The Fairy and the Trolls
She walks as in a dream
along a silver stream
the moon is hiding still
behind a cloud that will
reveal moon's pale blue light
in winter's last black night

while roaring waters fall
and hide behind their wall
a cave leading to a fire
where tiny trolls admire
the old ones telling tales
of love and hate in dales

soon morning's golden ray
a new spring's glorious day
make trolls draw back in fear
the dangerous light is near
so they will sleep and rest
till a red sun sets in the west

but she walks through the night
wings meet the sparkling light
her feet tread mossy ground
behind ferns the well is found
her arms welcome a dear friend
her love for spring will never end.