Creature of the Night

The wind speaks
Creature of the Night
the end is near
there will be light.

From your darkest
cave of doom
you will soon
see flowers bloom.

There will be
no endless fright
when dancing merrily
are fairies bright.

Shall Evil then persist
with its mad quest?
Demon or angel -
who will be Spring's guest?

Who needs it the most
the happy one or sad
the ones glad and merry
or those considered bad?

The wind whispers
Creature of the Night
the end of torment is near
for you there will be light.

From your darkest
cave of doom
you will step out
to see flowers bloom

and so your black cloak
shall be torn into shreds
that fly away
with the gentle loving winds
that now have come to stay

and you will be set free
like every living thing
to hear with pounding heart
the summer angels sing.

Helena´s Song

I know one day I have to go
cause there will be another show

this is not a thing I want

but the thought has come to haunt

me in mornings winterbleak
though I hate myself as meek

I always wanted this to last
never saw life passing fast

I wish I were from this pain free
and danced our waltz quite happily

What matters is no will of mine
so I must drink Your bitter wine

the joy of life You take from me
Your will so strong shall always be

my course my final destination
Or could it be my own creation?

Is there still time I do not know
I do not want this other show
it comes too soon my life is here
even though I do not fear

I know I still have much to give
my heart bleeds with my desire to live.
In my world are great things to do
before it´s time to turn to You.